[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Change the shebang of pythondistdeps.py to Python 3 (#212)

torsava notifications at github.com
Fri May 5 08:25:41 UTC 2017

> As distros completes their migration to python 3 and no python 2 package installed on system, any py3k compatible script from packages in distro using /usr/bin/python as shebang will be left broken, for which there surely are quite a few.

That's exactly what you want and why Fedora, RHEL, openSUSE and Mageia follow upstream recommendation in PEP 394. This way you'll know about scripts that aren't ported yet and you can fix them. Otherwise you would be running old Python 2 scripts on Python 3 which might run fine in 99% of cases and fail only in weird corner cases. And that's a huge pain to debug as you know.

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