[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] elfdeps: Add full multiarch deps support (#360)

Neal Gompa (ニール・ゴンパ) notifications at github.com
Wed Nov 15 07:52:05 UTC 2017

This changes elfdeps to emit dependency strings that contain full
architecture names instead of just declaring whether something is
"64bit". This means that systems that allow more than two architectures
to be installed on the same computer will actually be able to resolve
library dependencies correctly.

This means that RPM dependencies would be compatible with system library
install schemes like Debian's, where libraries are installed into
subdirectories under "/usr/lib" that are named after the platform
triple. It also allows for multiarch installations where foreign
architecture packages are automatically relocated to be installed under
a system root target location (e.g. /usr/<triple>/lib) as is done in
distributions like Exherbo.

This behavior can be disabled by passing --no-multiarch, and this is
done by default.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * elfdeps: Add full multiarch deps support

-- File Changes --

    M fileattrs/elf.attr (4)
    M tools/elfdeps.c (126)

-- Patch Links --


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