[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] RFE: Configurable macro file search path(s) (#363)

Vít Ondruch notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 27 09:25:56 UTC 2017

@n3npq Good to see that extending RPM to support env variable shouldn't be hard, since RPM has the --macros CLI option alrady.

@Conan-Kudo It might be risky, but we are doing it anyway. This is request to do it a bit better way then we are doing it now. It would even improve the situation, since currently the macros are placed in ```/etc/rpm``` and are always loaded. If there was support for env variable, they could be loaded just when the SCL is enabled.

But actually, if scl-utils installed something which could do the ```%{load ...``` as you propose across all the SCL directories, that could do the job as well. Nevertheless, that would probably require some LUA and I am not sure the result would be better.

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