[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] RFC Merge RPM 4.13 OS/2 code changes (#260)

Yuri Dario notifications at github.com
Sat Oct 21 17:21:25 UTC 2017

@ydario pushed 159 commits.

6aec6eb  Add man page for systemd-inhibit plugin
d7d84ee  update mkinstalldirs to latest version (2009)
14f34cf  find-debuginfo.sh: make sure that debugsourcefiles.list is generated under the builddir
4bf1d50  Add two testcases for generating debugsource packages.
2bb33a4  Rip out ndb's check if the database file was replaced
72e2d13  remove duplicated call to strlen()
25db409  store path of excluded files
ec98239  exclude respective debug files for files which are excluded
3cd78dd  store mapping for renamed files
e6605c6  reference proper debug files whenever RemovePathPostfixes is used
a777728  Replace whole rpmdb directory on rebuilddb instead of moving around files
9e42de2  Set permissions and owner for new database to the old values
8686b46  Give a warning if db format does not match the configuration
67c412e  fix couple of memory leaks in rpmbuild
51dd9aa  digest_openssl: return failure if setting key failed
3486097  ndb: disable unneeded rpmidx code
92c0443  Colorized rpmlog() output
a587fe1  Build scriptlets handling: pass exit status of last execution regardless
8150c69  Add rpmbuild debuginfo subpackages tests.
5448df3  Test split debuginfo packages with excluded files.
b64a558  Test split debuginfo packages with RemovePathPostfixes.
ec08398  Make coloring of output configurable
4a68804  Add support for %{shrink:} (ported from rpm5.org)
9821d09  Add test for %{shrink:}
6f9d0a5  Support quoting of macro arguments (#222)
6a4a2af  Distinguish %define and %global in the illegal macro name error message
e319cdb  Shift macro scoping level values as they are defined
3970747  rpmio.c: Overwrite old mode completely when encountering new one in mode string
580719b  Support ? in mode string when opening files to enable debugging
31dee8d  Add support for zstd compressed payload
ee23935  ci: Add libzstd-devel to CI Dockerfile
2b0f58e  rpmio: ifdef out lzma and bzip variable
aaa380f  Bump sonames in preparation of 4.14.x branch
b649864  Update translations from Transifxed for a change (yeah its been a while...)
55fd8d5  Remove duplicated code in dbiIndexSetAppendSet
91d74dd  Add dbiIndexSetAppendOne helper
94951be  Add dbiIndexSetPruneSet helper
0e9d6ee  Add dbiIndexSetFilter and dbiIndexSetFilterSet methods
7468dec  Change hdrNumCmp to use the tagNum as secondary sort key
e3816ce  Add rpmalLookupTE helper
cbce62d  Implement with/without rich dependencies
573c2bb  add tests for with/without rich operators
b15ff01  Bump version to appear newer than latest stable branch (4.14.x)
2a68057  Make sure that debugsourcefiles.list is generated in the build dir.
3db213f  Warn and create empty debugsource package if there are no sources.
20f5819  Revert "Warn and create empty debugsource package if there are no sources."
d0421d2  Revert "Make sure that debugsourcefiles.list is generated in the build dir."
fec8e07  Remember to add macro-scope.spec to tarballs
ad6706e  Revert "Only build bundled fts if system has a bad version that doesn't handle LFS"
9cb143a  Disable two of the sigpipe tests, they're too unstable
f514af9  Make the rpm 4.4.x compat layer removal explicit via an error message
26dc520  Revert "Support quoting of macro arguments (#222)"
ba95806  Add missing "il" to header sanity check error message
8d6a053  Add LMDB backend to RPM
c7c3031  ci: Add lmdb-devel to CI Dockerfile
01f1d92  Make _dbibyteswapped static within lmdb.c
f816a92  _DBSWAP() macro is identical between lmdb.c and db3.c, consolidate to dbi.h
b8f9800  Unified messages printed by %{echo:...}, %{warn:...}, and %{error:...}
334b4ae  Make macro %{error:...} cause an actual failure
0543159  Add a flag to allow quiet test for package existence with lookupPackage()
6510429  Use silent lookup for debuginfo packages (#1482144)
dec5be5  Remove redundant max_macro_depth initialization
30c41ce  Bump macro max recursion limit up
d775201  Eliminate unnecessary "delete" argument to freeArgs()
3971f31  Allow running rpmbuild with debug verbosity
b100b53  Leave build scripts around in debug mode (#1442015)
7e65c78  Export rpmsqBlock() to python bindings as blockSignals()
425f203  metainfo.prov: scan /usr/share/metainfo and /usr/share/appdata for both types
e60ba68  Limit automatic fallback to DB_PRIVATE to read-only operations
0c9f37a  Fallback to DB_PRIVATE on readonly DB_VERSION_MISMATCH too (RhBug:1465809)
cf36956  Only fallback to MDB_RDONLY if readonly database is requested
5b5bceb  %trace mb states at the beginning/end of expandMacro must be equal
2537c09  Bring manual for %{echo:...}, %{warn:...} , %{error:...} up to date
cb1b0cb  When printMacro() is used, print newline after "(empty)" macro
d5c37ab  Eliminate a bunch of idiotic assert()'s in rpmtd getters
524e453  Restore 4.13 behavior with single value tags in query format arrays
670469d  Add more queryformat array testcases
07912ff  Make queryformat array behavior consistent for all types
e6a7c35  Add a few more parametric macro argument tests
da6341d  Support parametric macro argument quoting, take three (#222)
9d75218  Fix classification of ELF binaries with both setuid/setgid set
bae307e  Avoid macro expansion on every rpmlog() call + fix a related memleak
2eb6529  Plug what's probably an ancient memleak in build code
e4535b7  Add documentation for all/most built-in macros
a0e248e  Don't assume %{quote:...} is surrounded by whitespace
08a335e  Remove leftover parentheses, no functional change.
32d5907  Mark ndb and lmdb experimental in configure too
1f2fb58  Limit "<package> has N files" debug diagnostics to install/erase goals
f91d8eb  Fix %transfiletriggerpostun diagnostic showing "unknown"
0b387ed  Always execute scriptlet callbacks with owning header (RhBug:1485389)
f202bf4  Use pkg-config for figuring python cflags and libs
b74d73f  Eliminate the rest of idiotic assert()'s in rpmtd.c
b455b16  Add support for 'unless' rich dependencies
d1bee94  Sync disks at the end of transactions (RhBug:1461765)
fa86a2a  Fix false negatives on signature/digest tests inside "make distcheck"
fa89a3c  Enable python build during dist-check
512e3bc  Fix PYTHONPATH in test-suite when prefix differs from system python (#265)
9487a0d  Less naive version of sync-after-transaction (RhBug:1461765)
82ab8e0  Allow rpmrichParse to be called with no callback
1d80d6b  Inode zero is just a regular inode
dc6feed  Don't sync filesystems unless we actually did something in the transaction
af11c50  Always calculate disk space info, only don't report them if filtered
874481b  Add documentation for %load macro
69602fc  Fix file triggers failing to match on some packages (MgBug:18797)
156c0bc  Avoid multiple strlen() calls on the constant prefix string when searching
cfe4b11  Fix Ftell() past 2GB on 32bit architectures (RhBug:1492587)
085b8c2  Add testcases for unpackaged files and directories detection
f16bea0  Don't follow symlinks on file creation (CVE-2017-7501)
4dcee97  Fix excessive dependencies for elfdeps and sepdebugcrcfix
69d4227  Add configuration option for controlling file IO flushing behavior
40236b8  Rename addPackageRequires to addPackageDeps in build/files.
ae525e8  Add debugsource recommends to debuginfo packages.
98afe65  Create $(prefix)/rpm/macros.d directory on make install
a6ec3e4  Add + use a separate helper function for debuginfo test-cases
d8d3f6a  Implement --load cli switch to allow loading individual macro files
6857ad4  Argh, make the stupid new string translatable too
7138455  Forbid 'if' richops in 'or' context and 'unless' richops in 'and' context
4bacbb9  Remove an outdated todo for %trace
a99527f  Restrict following symlinks to directories by ownership (CVE-2017-7500)
0c6c9dd  Make verification match the new restricted directory symlink behavior
79439fb  Unbreak make distcheck again
699fd8a  And another test-suite related distcheck regression fix...
718ec63  Fix st_size on non-archive use of rpmfiStat()/rpmfilesStat()
fe9724d  Use just numeric uid/gid for user/group verification
105e046  Clean up file verify mode comparison
60970e0  Use the mode, size, mtime and rdev data from rpmfilesStat()
3e085fa  Remove no longer needed fakechroot workaround from rpmfilesStat()
20ed116  Don't initialize return values on rpmReadHeader() entry
48182a8  Remove long since dead code
550e483  rpmteDBOffset() is perfectly legal for TR_ADDED too, fix the docs
2df2d87  Add TR_RPMDB element type for representing packages from the rpmdb
291cfd9  Always initialize hdrp retval of rpmReadPackageFile()
ad45664  Revert "Don't initialize return values on rpmReadHeader() entry"
164aafd  Ensure all indexes get created on --rebuilddb
ad88115  Remove excessive linking from our cli tools
4ce6ba6  Don't spew out usage message just because rpm is in verbose mode
6811c52  Avoid warning about mbAppendStr if lui support isn't enabled.
f57955a  Fix rpmlog printing of off_t in fdConsume.
456198e  Fix rpmlog warning in lzopen_internal from too big length specifier.
13a6c03  Use lower-level headerPut() for file signing
08d246e  Place file signatures into the signature header where they belong
810139b  Unbreak file signing from previous commit
b0cc912  Assume failure in rpmSignFiles()
caae78b  Use rpm file info sets instead of header for retrieving file data
6a89a16  Eliminate redundant signature length calculation function
7244231  Drop redundant check on hash algo name
f606f83  Fix formatting in man page
8663b8f  Fix another silly mistake in file signature move
d114824  Fix "substatus" (eg NOKEY) regression on package read (#330)
5fc88f4  Add tests for signed package read for both NOKEY and OK cases
e39df67  Avoid local path in testsuite expected results, oops
fb5f723  Update CREDITS for new contributors since 4.13.0
88dc78f  Don't assume per-user groups in test-suite
f3f6d92  Switch from Transifex to Zanata
1906535  configure: Fix typo for libcrypto usability check for OpenSSL check
e2b0642  debugedit: edit_dwarf2 check lndx is in range before checking r_offset.
cda2b0f  Don't bother retrying locking on read-only filesystem (RhBug:1502134)
cb90bb8  Move %define and %undefine tests into rpmmacro.at and simplify them
dc09571  Don't expand %{verbose:...} argument on false condition

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