[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Python module's name changed unnecessarily, making it impossible to express dependencies on it (#373)

Adam Williamson notifications at github.com
Wed Jan 3 17:16:05 UTC 2018

@pmatilai we were already done with the noise before more people started chipping in =)

I was rather assuming that *RHEL* has also been shipping the `.egg` files, meaning that the `rpm-python` name will be baked into RHEL 7 and thus around at least somewhere for God knows how long, unless we can convince whoever packages rpm for RHEL to switch the name. Though I admit I haven't actually verified that. If it's only Fedora that's ever shipped the `.egg` file, then yeah, given that only relatively few people probably ever bothered to use the name, it'd probably be okay to just change it in F26.

I still think the best option is to just have RPM provide *both* names, though, if we can actually find a reasonable way of doing that. I haven't looked at it yet because of the RH holiday shutdown, I barely touched a computer for the last two weeks.

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