[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Treat tilde versions as higher for purpose of dependency comparison (#715)

Jason Tibbitts notifications at github.com
Wed Aug 7 23:06:32 UTC 2019

Since what you really want is a significantly different total ordering, you really need a different set of binary relations.  I certainly don't want to be the one to propose `<~`, `<=~, `>~`, and `>=~`.  Plus, for completeness, I guess you'd need a comparison operator `=~`.  That would all be... horrible.
Personally I'd take the 99% solution and use the `with foo < 2.0.0~` syntax; if the set of cases where we care ever overlaps the set of cases where someone uses the multiple tilde thing then someone will just have to handle the case by hand.

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