[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Add a %cnl (continue next line) marker (#787)

nim-nim notifications at github.com
Tue Jul 9 16:24:08 UTC 2019

Sometimes rpm variables need contain long lines of things

and reviewers, prompted by rpmdevtool, will ask to break those lines to less than 80 columns

Unfortunately there is no easy way to break this kind of line without introducing line breaks in the variable content, that will then break shell and rpm macro code, and require the rewrite of basic macro code like `%if "%{?foo}" != ""`  into exotic contructs

it would be nice if there was a marker that told the rpm parser a line continues on the next line, but the linebreak is not significant.

(`%{shrink:}` will remove the linebreak but also munge other whitespace in the line, so it does not work as a solution)

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