[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Describe conditionally expanded macros in manual (#786)

Michael Schroeder notifications at github.com
Wed Jul 10 10:00:42 UTC 2019

mlschroe commented on this pull request.

> +Frequently used conditionally expanded macros are e.g.
+Define a macro if it is not defined:
+%{?!with_python3: %global with_python3 1}
+A macro that is expanded to 1 if "with_python3" is defined and 0 otherwise:
+or shortly
+%"{?macro_name}" is a shortcut for "%{?macro_name:%macro_name}" and
+similarly "%{?!macro_name}" is a shortcut for "%{?!marco_name:%macro_name}"

That's actually not true: `%{?!marco_name}` always expands to an empty string:
$ rpm --eval '%{?!xxx}'

$ rpm --eval '%{?!xxx:%xxx}'

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