[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] macros: Add %version_notilde (#722)

Igor Gnatenko notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 3 12:02:14 UTC 2019

ignatenkobrain commented on this pull request.

>  %autosetup(a:b:cDn:TvNS:p:)\
 %setup %{-a} %{-b} %{-c} %{-D} %{-n} %{-T} %{!-v:-q}\
 %{-S:%global __scm %{-S*}}\
 %{expand:%__scm_setup_%{__scm} %{!-v:-q}}\
 %{!-N:%autopatch %{-v} %{-p:-p%{-p*}}}
+# Macro to remove or replace tilde from version.
+# -v<version> Sets the version to be used for replacement. Default is %version.
+%version_notilde(v:) %{lua:
+    local sep = rpm.expand('%1')
+    local ver = rpm.expand('%{!-v:%{version}}%{-v:%{-v*}}')

so I should add more percent signs? from testing I have been doing, this macro works fine.

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