[Rpm-maint] RPM 4.15.0 alpha released!

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at redhat.com
Wed Jun 5 12:42:22 UTC 2019

If you were getting worried that we'll be stuck on 4.14.x forever, you 
were not alone in that. Getting the originally planned feature set 
implemented prolonged the cycle way out of proportion, and there have 
been all sorts of other environment and circumstancial obstacles to 
overcome as well. But at long long last, RPM 4.15.0 alpha is out now!

Highlights include:
- Faster builds on SMP systems
- Support for dynamic build dependencies
- Support for %elif, %elifos and %elifarch statements in spec
- Caret version operator (the opposite of tilde)
- New %patchlist and %sourcelist spec sections
- Support for non-privileged chroot operations (experimental)
- Native support for Lua 5.2-5.3 without compat defines in Lua
- String data is returned as surrogate-escaped utf-8 in Python 3 bindings
- Numerous other bugfixes and other enhancements all over the place

Further details & download info at:


On behalf of the rpm-team,

     - Panu -

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