[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Compress annobin notes (#751)

nickclifton notifications at github.com
Mon Jun 17 13:09:20 UTC 2019

Hi Mark,

> I don't think this should be part of add_minidebug (). It is something
> that would need to happen even if we don't run add_minidebug (). Also
> add_minidebug () runs after stripping/splitting the main ELF file into
> a .debug file (which also gets a copy of all notes).
> I noticed older binutils objcopy don't seem to know about --merge-
> notes. And produce large errors when trying to run.
> So I think this should be something like this, in do_file (), before
> the binary is actually stripped.

Thanks very much for the review and corrections.  As you might guess I am
no rpm expert, so I wholeheartedly agree with the changes that you have 


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