[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Handle DistTag (#594)

wladmis notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 26 15:46:28 UTC 2019

> @wladmis So I've seen that this is more fleshed out in ALT Linux's rpm, do you plan on finishing up this PR for consideration?

Yes, I want to finish the PR, but I have some doubts I wrote below. 

> JFYI for everyone else, it looks like ALT has implemented `E:V-R:D` comparison in their rpm 4.13.x tree, where the D is the DistTag. It looks like my suggestion of labeling the feature of `rpmlib(DistTagInVersionComparison)` is probably accurate. @pmatilai, @ffesti: what do you think of the feature?

It's a bit more than just that. It's `[E:]V[-R[:D]][@T]` comparison, where the `T` is `BuildTime`. My doubts are about that this is a part of ALT Linux solution that solve very specific problem, and no other rpm-based distro I know has interest to solve it.

> Frankly, I dread the idea of introducing new elements to version comparison as history has shown that it takes _years_ to catch and fix all the corner cases. But I wont comment on partial work, if there's been further work on this, please update the PR.

I see, but the query string separates each elements by symbols that cannot be a part of any of the elements itself.

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