[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] RPM 4.15.1 (#923)

Panu Matilainen notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 4 12:54:05 UTC 2019

Preparation for 4.15.1 release, consisting of

- critical bugfixes here and there (arm, dynamic buildrequires rpmlib(), revert dbus shutdown)
- handful of various %{expr:...} related fixes
- ndb fixes (replacing PR #908 )
- add support for gcrypt crypto
- bunch of documentation updates
- misc other stuff

Did I miss anything critical? Note that %[] and ternary operator intentionally not backported here, they have related behaviour changes that don't seem appropriate in a stable branch.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Correct and update Query formats documentation
  * Support libgrypt as crypto library
  * Disable marker on multiline expression error messages
  * Improve description of conditionals in spec documentation
  * Suppress inhibition lock warning message when DBus service is not available
  * Add description of comments in spec documentation
  * Add 'string' into query format extensions in man-pages
  * Log debug messages upon entering and exiting chroot
  * Do not expand %{expr:} again after evaluating the expression
  * Print an error for expressions with missing operands
  * Fix type error introduced in commit 1d055ae1df90fe54cf5c056de085cd987f0f6bbf
  * Trap division by zero in expression parser
  * Add all of the rpmbuild macro aliases to rpmspec as well
  * Always check for rdToken() return codes in expression parsing
  * Ensure expression syntax errors get at least a generic error message
  * Resurrect %_missing_doc_files_terminate_build functionality
  * Replace hardwired man page references to "redhat" in paths with "<vendor>"
  * Free memory leak in unary op handling
  * Fix suspicious condition in selinux plugin
  * Percolate errors up from rpmfcHelper()
  * Mark dynamically generated buildrequires autogenerated
  * Stop on invalid dynamic buildrequires
  * Always execute file trigger scriptlet callbacks with owning header
  * Avoid using types from Lua includes in rpmlua.h again
  * Implement fsync disabling for the ndb backend
  * Delete all the IDXDB_FILESUPPORT code in the ndb backend
  * Do not always fsync the database directories
  * Use fdatasync in ndb if available
  * Refactor mmap/munmap/mremap handling in ndb
  * Add configure option to build with -Werror
  * Run CI builds with -Werror
  * Revert "Fully shutdown DBUS on systemd_inhibit cleanup (RhBug:1714657)"
  * Revert "rpmrc: Add architecture compatibility mapping between aarch64 and arm64"
  * Remove problematic sub variants of armv8 and related
  * Increase lmdb DB size from 256M to 1G
  * Don't report unimplemented db ctrl and verify ops as errors
  * Use xdb's pagesize instead of sysconf(_SC_PAGE_SIZE)
  * build: Add missing ifdef to conditionalize omp.h include statement
  * Multiple fixes in rpmxdb.c for the ndb database backend
  * Honor RPMSENSE_MISSINGOK on src.rpm rpmlib() dependencies too
  * Don't provide rpmlib(DynamicBuildRequires) in source packages
  * Flag build-time rpmlib() dependencies in src.rpm as missingok
  * Only permit comments at beginning of line in file manifests (RhBug:112727)
  * Resurrect --prtpkts debug switch functionality
  * Handle incomplete escape seq in queryformat (RhBug:1755230)
  * Preparing for rpm 4.15.1

-- File Changes --

    M build/build.c (9)
    M build/files.c (19)
    M build/parseSpec.c (2)
    M build/reqprov.c (8)
    M build/rpmfc.c (19)
    M ci/Dockerfile (3)
    M configure.ac (31)
    M doc/ja/rpm.8 (6)
    M doc/ja/rpmbuild.8 (6)
    M doc/manual/queryformat (38)
    M doc/manual/spec (68)
    M doc/pl/rpm.8 (6)
    M doc/pl/rpmbuild.8 (6)
    M doc/rpm.8 (7)
    M doc/rpmbuild.8 (6)
    M doc/ru/rpm.8 (6)
    M lib/backend/dummydb.c (4)
    M lib/backend/lmdb.c (2)
    M lib/backend/ndb/glue.c (17)
    M lib/backend/ndb/rpmidx.c (297)
    M lib/backend/ndb/rpmpkg.c (67)
    M lib/backend/ndb/rpmxdb.c (179)
    M lib/backend/ndb/rpmxdb.h (1)
    M lib/headerfmt.c (4)
    M lib/manifest.c (3)
    M lib/psm.c (2)
    M lib/rpmchecksig.c (2)
    M lib/rpmchroot.c (2)
    M lib/rpmliblua.c (1)
    M lib/rpmtriggers.c (2)
    M plugins/selinux.c (2)
    M plugins/systemd_inhibit.c (10)
    M po/ar.po (272)
    M po/br.po (272)
    M po/ca.po (275)
    M po/cmn.po (275)
    M po/cs.po (275)
    M po/da.po (275)
    M po/de.po (275)
    M po/el.po (272)
    M po/eo.po (275)
    M po/es.po (275)
    M po/fi.po (275)
    M po/fr.po (275)
    M po/id.po (273)
    M po/is.po (272)
    M po/it.po (275)
    M po/ja.po (275)
    M po/ko.po (275)
    M po/ms.po (275)
    M po/nb.po (275)
    M po/nl.po (275)
    M po/pl.po (275)
    M po/pt.po (275)
    M po/pt_BR.po (275)
    M po/rpm.pot (0)
    M po/ru.po (0)
    M po/sk.po (0)
    M po/sl.po (0)
    M po/sr.po (0)
    M po/sr at latin.po (0)
    M po/sv.po (0)
    M po/te.po (0)
    M po/tr.po (0)
    M po/uk.po (0)
    M po/vi.po (0)
    M po/zh_CN.po (0)
    M po/zh_TW.po (0)
    M rpm.am (0)
    M rpmio/Makefile.am (0)
    A rpmio/digest_libgcrypt.c (0)
    M rpmio/expression.c (0)
    M rpmio/macro.c (0)
    M rpmio/rpmkeyring.c (0)
    M rpmio/rpmlua.c (0)
    M rpmio/rpmlua.h (0)
    M rpmpopt.in (0)
    M rpmrc.in (0)
    M tests/Makefile.am (0)
    A tests/data/SPECS/docmiss.spec (0)
    A tests/data/SPECS/shebang.spec (0)
    M tests/rpmbuild.at (0)
    M tests/rpmmacro.at (0)
    M tests/rpmquery.at (0)

-- Patch Links --


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