[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Triple operator for conditional shortcut (#115)

pavlinamv notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 4 08:49:17 UTC 2019

I do not see any problem in the syntax that @pmatilai proposed in his previous comment:
There are two similar options that are closer to the currently proposed triple condition operator syntax (#746):

Using these syntax the example from the previous @mlschroe comment looks:

```%{expr: 0%?_include_minidebuginfo ? "mini:true" : "mini:false" }```
can cause a small problem in deciding which ? divides the parts of the macro. But it can be solved - the first ? can  be in {}:
```%{expr:0%{?_include_minidebuginfo}? "mini:true" : "mini:false"}```

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