[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Support libgrypt as crypto library (#826)

Panu Matilainen notifications at github.com
Mon Sep 9 10:42:08 UTC 2019

In a perfect world I'd be much happier with less choice over crypto implementations, but as it is, with our default being something of a cross between a gorilla and an elephant on our back, and the nicer one being license-restricted... 

Did a quick performance comparison between the variants, ```time ./rpm -qa|wc -l``` on my laptop, results are fastest from three runs each:

$time ./rpm -qa|wc -l

* openssl:
        real    0m1.609s
        user    0m1.523s
        sys     0m0.111s

* libgcrypt:
        real    0m1.983s
        user    0m1.902s
        sys     0m0.130s

* nss:
        real    0m2.683s
        user    0m2.580s
        sys     0m0.124s

* beecrypt:
        real    0m4.706s
        user    0m4.610s
        sys     0m0.115s

This comparison is quite favorable too:
$ wc -l  rpmio/digest_*.c
  507 rpmio/digest_beecrypt.c
  404 rpmio/digest_libgcrypt.c
  532 rpmio/digest_nss.c
  833 rpmio/digest_openssl.c

It's the simplest of them all code-wise and second fastest overall, beating our current default at both and with a nice license. Not to mention just a fraction of the size of the nss on the library side. What's not to like?

I'll be happy to merge, but I'd actually suggest going one step further: add a separate commit to make libgcrypt the default.

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