[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Improve "git am" support. (#854)

Peter Jones notifications at github.com
Wed Sep 25 14:31:43 UTC 2019

> Nice to see that at least somebody has discovered this and finding the idea useful enough to improve.
> Please split to independent commits though, too much unrelated change packed into one here:

Sure, that's fine by me.

>     * creating a branch where patches are applied is one change and should arguably be done for all scm's that meaningfully support it

I see your point, and I agree with it, but I have a concern: I wouldn't know where to begin for any of the other scm systems, so I'm not writing support for all of them. That said, I don't see that there's much generalization to be had here (in terms of the code); it appears they'll all have to be separate implementations entirely. It doesn't seem like there's much good reason to gate one scm doing this on support in the others, so I'll send this as its own patch for git.

>     * support for options in apply should also be a general thing, not limited to git am, and adding a mechanism generally should be separated from adding particular defaults

Sure - but again I'm only comfortable implementing that for git.  Tell me what /sort/ of mechanism are you looking for, and I'll happily write it for all the git cases, and write the general hook for it so others can implement it for the other scm systems. Are you okay with the approach I took with seeing if %{expand:%%{?_scm_apply_%{_scm}_options}} exists as the method for generalizing it?

>     * I do see the point with `git am --continue` but short-cutting to %{patches} breaks other use-cases like applying ranges of patches. Need to find a way to do this without breaking others.

Would you be prefer something like a global that can be defined to control this (a la disabling debuginfo), or would you prefer an argument to %autosetup, or some other method I haven't thought of?

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