[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] OpenMP & Lua fixes for configure.ac & INSTALL (#1325)

Michal Domonkos notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 7 08:17:44 UTC 2020

@dmnks commented on this pull request.

> @@ -761,9 +778,9 @@ AC_ARG_WITH([lua], [AS_HELP_STRING([--with-lua], [build with lua support])],
 AS_IF([test "$with_lua" != no],[
-    [lua >= 5.1],
+    [lua >= 5.2],

Heh, it's funny how easy is to misread the subject line of that commit message when shown in a popup box after hovering over it. It says "drop support for Lua < 5.2" with a line break after the "<" symbol which is then easy to miss :)

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