[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] rpm --delsign changes the arch element of the lead (#1326)

Michael Schroeder notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 7 10:16:51 UTC 2020

Judging from commit 3255273ae0fabd03c9738249a29c9c1e15f28f64 which broke this you may not care about this. Opening this issue anyway for documentation purposes:

rpm no longer copies over the lead data verbatim when creating or deleting signatures, but recreates it from the header.
This does not seem to work for the arch element, which is set to the architecture of the host where rpm --delsign is called.

Oh, I just saw that rpmLeadFromHeader() has a FIXME comment about that that references RhBug:717898

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