[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] pythondistdeps: Switch to importlib.metadata (#1317)

torsava notifications at github.com
Tue Aug 11 16:16:09 UTC 2020

> Any updates on the test suite investigation? Is there anything I can do to help?

@s-t-e-v-e-n-k Apologies, I got buried under different priorities. I'll try to get this in a few days.

If you'd like to see on your own, the test suite for `pythondistdeps.py` is currently only in our Fedora repo here: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/python-rpm-generators/blob/master/f/tests (file `test_scripts_pythondistdeps.py` and folder `data/scripts_pythondistdeps`).

Apologies for the location, the test suite was rejected here in the RPM repo for complexity. A new upstream repo for Python RPM scripts is planned (but that hasn't been created yet), so I'll be adding it there when possible.

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