[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] 4.15.1 creates unreproducible rpm DEPENDSDICT (#1056)

Bernhard M. Wiedemann notifications at github.com
Thu Feb 6 10:58:48 UTC 2020

While working on reproducible builds for openSUSE, I found that
our poco package build had variations in the resulting `poco-devel` rpms
in the `DEPENDSDICT` header.
Likely from build/rpmfc.c rpmfcGenerateDepends function.

Steps To Reproduce:
osc co openSUSE:Factory/poco && cd $_
osc build --no-service --vm-type=kvm --keep-pkgs=RPMS
rpm -qp --qf '%{DEPENDSDICT}\n' RPMS/poco-devel-1.9.3-*.x86_64.rpm 

Diff looks thus:
filterdiff printrpmtags RPMS*/*devel*

When building on a filesystem without variations in readdir order (e.g. disorderfs in order mode or ext4 with dir_index disabled), differences go away.

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