[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Make "%patchlist -f patches" work. v2 (#1043)

Florian Festi notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 17 10:34:19 UTC 2020

ffesti commented on this pull request.

> +	       spec->lineNum, name, poptStrerror(rc));
+	goto exit;
+    }
+    optCon = poptGetContext(NULL, argc, argv, optionsTable, 0);
+    while ((arg = poptGetNextOpt(optCon)) > 0) {
+	char * filename = poptGetOptArg(optCon);
+	if (!filename) {
+	    rpmlog(RPMLOG_ERR,
+		   _("line %d: \"%%%s -f\" requires an argument.\n"),
+		   spec->lineNum, name);
+	    goto exit;
+	}
+	addSource(spec, 0, filename, RPMTAG_SOURCE);

So what are you suggesting here beyond dropping the addSource()? Not supporting -f for %sourcelist?

Thinking a bot more about this: The files containing the patches and sources need to be there right at the beginning of the build - before %prep. So there are not that many opportunities to create them during build. So one wonders what to do with them other than adding them to the sources. We might need to check that they are in the right place.
But if they are not part of the sources installing and building the SRPM will surely fail.

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