[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] Rpm 4.16.1 bugfix update (#1449)

Panu Matilainen notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 30 11:11:39 UTC 2020

Trying a different approach to release creation via early draft PR.
At least #1397 needs addressing before 4.16.1 can happen.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Stop untranslatable format strings from being translated
  * Simplify logic to work around gcc (10.2.1) false positive warning
  * Don't call exit() from middle of librpmbuild for no good reason
  * Check for OpenMP version at configure time
  * Bump Lua to 5.2 in configure script
  * Add missing terminator to copyTagsFromMainDebug array
  * Fix possible read beyond buffer in rstrnlenhash()
  * Upgrade FA_TOUCH to FA_CREATE if the file went away (RhBug:1872141)
  * lib/rpmdb.c: include fcntl.h for O_*
  * Fix ambiguous diagnostics output on file triggers (RhBug:1883338)
  * Update Doxygen config to get on with times
  * Support stringification of versions in the expression parser
  * Add error handling for versions in expressions
  * Make fdSeek return 0 on success, -1 on error
  * Fix RPMTAG_SUGGESTVERSION and -FLAGS info, they're not extensions
  * Treat unparsable macros like undefined macros
  * Don't muck with parametric macro arguments of cli defines
  * Fix logic error in grabArgs()
  * lib/rpmrc.c: include fcntl.h for O_*
  * Stop using deprecated security_context_t
  * Do not fail if there is no "$temp"/res.* file
  * Only do early name services initialization if we actually chroot
  * Fix a minor memory leak on failed sqlite database open (RhBug:1896301)
  * configure.ac: fix cross-compilation
  * Eliminate use of obsolete gethostbyname() function
  * debugedit: Do not 'edit_dwarf2' when just extracting build-id
  * Improve error handling in Python pubkey constructor
  * Stop on first failure when trying to open a database (RhBug:1898301)
  * Only attempt loading the keyring once the rpmdb is open

-- File Changes --

    M INSTALL (6)
    M build/build.c (23)
    M build/files.c (9)
    M build/parsePrep.c (2)
    M configure.ac (31)
    M doc/librpm.doxy.in (599)
    M lib/backend/sqlite.c (2)
    M lib/formats.c (4)
    M lib/fsm.c (15)
    M lib/poptALL.c (2)
    M lib/poptI.c (2)
    M lib/rpmchroot.c (5)
    M lib/rpmdb.c (3)
    M lib/rpmrc.c (6)
    M lib/rpmscript.c (34)
    M lib/rpmtag.h (4)
    M lib/rpmts.c (6)
    M lib/rpmug.c (1)
    M plugins/selinux.c (4)
    M python/rpmkeyring-py.c (6)
    M rpmio/expression.c (15)
    M rpmio/macro.c (3)
    M rpmio/rpmio.c (2)
    M rpmio/rpmstrpool.c (3)
    M scripts/find-debuginfo.sh (1)
    M tests/Makefile.am (1)
    A tests/data/SPECS/suicidal.spec (19)
    M tests/rpmi.at (39)
    M tests/rpmmacro.at (18)
    M tools/debugedit.c (3)

-- Patch Links --


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