[Rpm-maint] [rpm-software-management/rpm] RFE: elfdeps: Filter Python subdirectories (#1227)

Miro Hrončok notifications at github.com
Tue Sep 1 10:10:53 UTC 2020

I was thinking how to handle this today. I've only figured out *wrong* solutions:

1. Modify `%__global_provides_exclude_from` to include `%{_libdir}/python\d+\.\d+/.+\.so`.
This obviously has several problems: I cannot really do it from Python macros, so the information would need to be kept in the general macros file. Also, if we ever start providing something from those `.so` files, this would no longer work. Also, it does not scale well.

2. Negate the entire ELF generator on the specific paths and provide alternate ELF *requires* generator (without *provides*) for them. That seems like an awful "copy paste stuff around" hack, ale not sure how to detect the need to do this.

3. Extend RPM generators to be able to specify different `%__NAME_provides_exclude_path`, `%__NAME_requires_exclude_path` instead of general `%__NAME_exclude_path` and set  `%__elf_provides_exclude_path` to `%{_libdir}/python\d+\.\d+/.+\.so`. This should work but requires a lot of work. Also obviously, if more things want to set `%__elf_provides_exclude_path`, they would need to figure out how or have a shared place to configure it.

4. Use `%{_rpmconfigdir}/elfdeps --provides %{?__elf_provides_exclude_path:--exclude '%{__elf_provides_exclude_path}'}` in `%__elf_provides` to simulate the above. However, the problem continues: If both Perl and Python want to set `%__elf_provides_exclude_path` to "their" path, they would need to have a shared place to configure it.


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